Sharp MX-2616N Printer Driver & Software Download

By | October 22, 2018

Sharp MX-2616N Manual & Printer Driver Download

Sharp MX-2616N Printer Driver & Software Download
Sharp MX-2616N
Sharp MX-2616N PCL6 Drivers For Macintosh/ Mac OS, Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Xp/Vista 64 Bit, 32 Bit, Linux and Sharp MX-2616N Reviews, Installation Software – Sharp MX-2616N is a sharp copier machine merchandise with full-color ledger-size record system. This system permits you to print coloured jobs in large paper sizes like A3. Equipped using multiprocessor standard PCL®6 printing method generates, this system permits you to print color and monochrome paper up to speeds of 26-31 papers per minute.
Sharp MX-2616N has a large enough paper capability, can hold 500- 2000 papers. Together with multi-system tasking, this Multi-processor control MX-2616N will surely ease your job and help you save money production. In any case, colour printing features and fast printing method there are many innovative features that make you should consider about eloquent MX-2616N.
Designing using a high resolution 7″(diagonal) touchscreen makes you easier to control. Sharp MX-2616N also comes with image send function scanning to allow you to directly save your own scan to your USB device, network folder, email, etc., this feature also allows you to scan the record up to 50 pictures per minute both black and color.
Remote front panel feature allows you to command the machine work system from the PC so you don’t need to move and invest your time simply to walk into the copier machine. Sharp MX-2616N offering low power consumption, fast warm up, compact your layout long-life components and supplies with a friendly design this system is suitable for an office atmosphere.

Install Sharp MX-2616N Network Printer

  • Go into the printers folder & click add printer.
  • Check Local Printer Attached To This Computer & uncheck automatically detect & install my plug and play printer.
  • Click create a new port with standard TCP/IP port type.
  • Enter the proper IP address & give it a port name.
  • Select Custom then click settings.
  • Select LPR with the queue name of lowercase “LP” check LPR Byte Counting box, then click Ok → Next → Finish.
  • Click Have Disk then Browse to proper location of the PCL6 driver folder.
  • Select the driver file.
  • Select the correct model.
  • Give the printer a name & make the decision if you would like to have the printer as a default depending on the location & user on the Desktop PC.
  • Select Do not share this printer & click next.
  • Select “no” to print a test page because the driver still needs to be configured. Click Next → Finish.
  • Right click on the driver & go to properties, then click on configure.
  • Click the Advanced tab & click on printing defaults. Click color tab & default to Black and White.
  • After making changes in the driver always click on APPLY 1, then click OK to soft-lock the settings.
  • Send a test print.

How to Install Sharp MX-2616N Scanner

  • Click the button on the Utility Software & you click on the Scanner Driver option (TWAIN)  button.
  • Follow the instructions on the computer desktop screen. Read the message in the window that has appeared and clicks ‘Next’ button.
  • When the window has finished and setup appears, you click ‘OK’ button.
  • Click the ‘Close’ button on the window.
  • Click the ‘start’ button, then select ‘All Programs’, select ‘SHARP MFP TWAIN’. Then you can select ‘Select Device’.

Sharp MX-2616N Driver & Software Download

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